Vítor Hugo Dias

The perfect formula to achieve goals

He sees himself as a person who enjoys challenges, hates monotony and loves to have well-defined goals. Without them, Vítor Hugo feels disoriented, as if in need of a compass.

He has worked in the Wind Energy industry, in metalworking, and has even been an owner in the restaurant sector, but none of these experiences made him feel as accomplished as the ones he lived in Angola.

He opened his email inbox and found an invitation to fly to another continent and take on a new professional challenge. Of all the relevant experiences that Vítor Hugo went through in this country, he takes special pride in having recovered an organisation that was bankrupt. However, homesickness and the will to evolve intellectually eventually made him return a few years later and enrol in the Executive MBA.

He is a pragmatic, objective and compromising person, who is motivated to achieve goals. Vítor Hugo is a Mechanical Engineer searching for direction.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills




Real State Investments

Future Professional Interests



Investments Administration

Career Goals

Make a positive difference at work.

Likes & Curiosities

Love to cook, in particular the best roast suckling pig in Bairrada style.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

Intellectual Curiosity
Goal oriented

Top 5

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