Vítor Ferreira

A coach beyond the pitch.

Vítor is an experienced operational leader, with a track record of achieving efficient and innovative solutions to complex challenges, while maintaining high quality and reaching impactful results.
Recognized by his energy and positivity, Vitor is at all times part of the solution, acknowledging the importance of the path, but with the final objective and the company goals always in sight.
Able to leverage both a creative and an analytical background, he drives positive results when faced with scalability issues or strategic initiatives.

During his 10 years’ experience, he was responsible for operations and production in some of the most innovative and leading Portuguese multinationals, where he consistently improved operational performance.
His passion for learning and continuous improvement allowed him to gain multicultural business experience managing complex operations and projects, contributing to the permanent growth and development of organisations.

A dynamic individual who brings a rare combination of focus, leadership, and the ability to tackle problems, while never forgetting the importance of results. His passion for innovation and learning makes him very focused on technology, but for him that is merely a mean to an end. Vítor’s true interest lies in using his skills to have a strong impact in the world, creating real value for the society.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills

Emotional intelligence

Creative thinking



Decision making



Vice-president at São Pedro de Rates pilgrims’ shelter

Football player and coach in several teams

PBS team member John Molson International Case Competition

Project promoter at Faststart Acceleration Program

External consultant in Connect 2 Success Program promoted by USA Embassy

Retail omnichannel and e-commerce at SONAE SR

Future Professional Interests

Strategic Planning and Management

Operations Management

Supply Chain

Technology & Analytics

Career Goals

Vítor wants to continue to progress in his career, evolving towards the top management positions. His main areas of interest are supply chain, operations and strategy. In the near future, Vítor sees himself as an inspirational manager, not only developing his career, but also his team and colleagues.

Likes & Curiosities






Good wine

Good books

Tech and gadgets

Meeting and talking to people

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Consultancy project at SONAE
Tandem skydiving
Roadtrip in Romania
Enrolled in the Magellan MBA at Porto Business School
Roadtrip in Tanzania
Football coach
Vice-president at Pilgrim Shelter Association
Started the post-graduation in Quantitative methods for economics and management
Enrolled in Applied Mathematics to Technology degree
Started the Mathematics Degree
First part-time job
Complex problem solving

Top 5

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