Tiago Martins Leite

Creativity at the centre.

Tiago comes from a creative background, more specifically, from architecture. He sees himself as a passionate person. A naturally creative strategic planner, who strives to have a global and thorough view of new and innovative projects, Tiago believes he has a saying in how a company can make the most of their investments and reach further.

Throughout his career, he has had the chance to touch different parts of a business, from executing his concepts to dabbling in management, branding and marketing. He has spent much of his time at his family’s company, and that has been both a source of pride and a challenge. This has helped Tiago to develop his communication and emotional intelligence skills, which has evidenced itself within the MBA scope, as he was elected class representative.

The Magellan MBA consolidated his knowledge and skills and certainly will open doors to new possibilities. Strategic planning has always been and will continue to be a strong interest for Tiago, in which he hopes to dig deeper.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish

Main skills

Active listening and communication

Long-term and global planning

Holistic perspective

Strategy design



Architectural projects for healthcare, school, commercial, housing, hospitality sector – base plan design, architectural concept and project development

Experience in technical and construction assistance during building processes – total construction and rehabilitation

Reorganisation and management of a 20-years architecture company – expansion, diversification and update

Conception and development of a new product design brand – concept, segmentation, distribution, pricing and promotion activities

Retail Innovation (System and Model) at SONAE

Future Professional Interests

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Business Innovation

Real Estate Portfolio Management / Real Estate Investment

Career Goals

Tiago wants to support organisations looking to expand and evolve their business and market positioning, giving his contribution to help them to make the most of their endeavours.

Likes & Curiosities


Clean and well-designed spaces

Cooking good and healthy food

Water sports




“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Birth of his daughter
Started the MBA
Got married
Started working in his father's Architecture company
Graduated in Architecture
Met his wife

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