Tiago Fleming

Reaching for the top

Feeling happy is essential to be able to achieve one's objectives, and this hasn't been difficult for Tiago. He has earned a variety of distinctions and awards over the course of his professional career, in the Marketing and Financial sectors. The legacy he has left at the companies where he has worked reflects wisdom, self-confidence, commitment and motivation.

Family is the basis of his being, as he regards fatherhood and marriage as important for his professional fulfilment. Indeed, they are his source of energy, along with sports. Tiago is a snowboarder, as he loves snow, and he admits that there is no feeling quite like reaching the top of a mountain and soaking in the entire view from up there.

His conquests have brought him the assurance that there is no mountain he cannot scale, along with the confidence that, though failing is part of the human condition, luck remains on his side. Day after day, Tiago is closer to his destination: life at the top.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese,English,Spanish

Main skills

Tiago is a talented, extroverted, energiser, passionate, competitive and hard working professional.

He is a strategiser with high communications and public relations skills and a problem solving approach in core areas such as Marketing & Sales, Business Development and Management.

His interpersonal expertise leads him to be a natural leader and a motivator to people that work with him.


Lead Banco Carregosa to be one of the most well-recognised and reputable brands in the Private and Affluent Banking segments in Portugal.

Continue to be a mentor and an inspiration to his marketing executive students at Porto Business School and IPAM.

Stimulate a happy and fulfilled family every day.

Once again winning a high-level football tournament with his friend.

Future Professional Interests

General Management

Business Development

Marketing & Sales


Career Goals

His ambition is that in the next 3 to 5 years he will be taking increased responsibilities at Banco Carregosa, where he currently works. He would like also to start his own projects based on his entrepreneurship style.

Likes & Curiosities





Specialized reading on topics related to his professional activity 

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill

He finishes his MBA at Porto Business School
Started his teaching career as Executive Education Marketing Professor
2012 - 2014
He got married and his son Artur Maria and daughter Maria da Alegria were born
2003 - 2013
His work was recognize with Professional Awards:
A) Skechers, company where he worked, it was considered “Marketing Excellence”;
B) Banco Carregosa, the company where he currently works, was considered “Google Case Study”;
C) Banco Carregosa received the “Best Capital Market Promotion Event” award;
2000 - 2005
He have lived in London and Madrid
He was born

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