Sumanth Nagaraj

Perseverance & resilience will get you to the summit.

From Bangalore, India. Sumanth is always looking for the next challenge to pursue. Equipped with a degree in Electronics & Communication. His professional career began with Robert Bosch India Group in Bangalore, working for the Japanese OEMs in the passive safety division. In 2014, he was entrusted with the key responsibility of CMFB platform based Nissan pilot project. Working in Yokohama, the project was a major success eventually leading in acquiring further key strategic flagship projects from Renault-Nissan venture across Europe & North America. This phase of his life in Japan has moulded the Kaizen philosophy in his Professional & Personal front.

Sumanth likes pursuing new challenges, always trying to get out of his comfort zone to evolve. He feels there is always more to learn, do or make happen, setting targets for himself to achieve. His biggest strength has been in balancing his professional and personal life interests. Sumanth is a mountain climber who has experiences in climbing in the Himalayas and Mt Fuji in Japan. He believes mountains give you the perspective of your limits and strengths & as with the climbing, you also need to get down from the top at some point.

Sumanth knows that every challenge is different from the previous one and that you must constantly adapt and be resilient to achieve each new goal. His passion and drive are to choose right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity.

Nationality Indian
Languages English, Hindi, Kannada

Main skills




Project management

Strategic thinking


Software lead integrator for the Renault-Nissan AB12 pilot project in Yokohama, Japan along with Bosch India, Bosch Germany & Bosch China resulting in the Successful Nissan Vehicle "Kicks", launched for the Rio Summer Olympics in Brazil Market.

Senior Software Developer & Software DRBFM expert for the AB10 Bosch Airbags– Subaru, Mazda, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi OEM projects with key releases for in-house production deliveries.

Future Professional Interests

Project management

Leadership & strategic change management

Career Goals

Pursue greater challenges and evolve.

Likes & Curiosities

Mountain climbing

Being outdoors in nature

Trail running

Movies & music

“Believe, for dreams do come true.”

Successful launch of the Nissan Pilot CMFB platform based car in Brazil Market for Rio Olympics
Moving to Porto, Portugal to pursueThe Magellan MBA at Porto Business School
Moving to Yokohama, Japan to begin working for Bosch Japan for the Nissan Pilot project
Summit of Stok Kangri at 6153mt in Himalayas,India
Degree in Electronics & Communications from Bangalore, India
Started working for Robert Bosch India as Associate Software Engineer for Japanese Passive Safety Domain
Ability to lead
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

Top 5

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