Sheila Bila

Finding meaning in a project, whatever the culture is.

Sheila was born and bred in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. In 2002 she moved to Rio de Janeiro to pursue her studies, where she graduated with an Economics degree. Her career spans over a decade in some of the largest multinationals, including Coca-Cola and Barclays. Sheila thrived under the organisational culture of the bank, which took her on a year-long internship in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The varied organisations structure which incorporates different cultures and backgrounds, as well as the flat structure allowed her to thrive, with easy access to management and close knit ties between team members. Perhaps that is why she lists Australia as a dream destination for work and a bit of play.

Taking her MBA has been life altering, opening Sheila up to a world of other possibilities. She now sees an opportunity to leverage the great communication and negotiation skills she has acquired to evolve the business environment back home in Mozambique.

For Sheila, finding meaning in a project is what drives her and she applies this principle to both, her work and her passion – travelling.

Nationality Mozambique
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills

Cognitive Flexibility

Judgement and Decision Making

Quality Control



Production planning at Coca Cola

Credit Department Internship at Barclays, Johannesburg

Management Information and Operational Risk Coordinator at Barclays

Connect to Success – MBA consulting programme for women entrepreneurs

Future Professional Interests

Corporate Governance

Human Resources


Career Goals

Sheila intends to assume a top management position in a multinational company. The area of interest is corporate governance where she is confident she can guarantee high performance and value creation in the long and short term to the organisation where she is going to work with.

Likes & Curiosities




“If you can't fly, then run.”

Arrived to Porto to pursue The Magellan MBA
First experience working abroad (South Africa)
Worked for Coca-Cola as MRP Controller
Got her honours degree
Leaving abroad for the first time (Brazil)
Hard worker
Eager to learn
Team Worker

Top 5

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