Paula Sá Pina

Happiness is in each and every extra mile taken

She loves challenges, always seeks to reinvent herself and she aims at overcoming obstacles by employing her differentiated work skills. When she is away from home, it is in big cities that she finds herself and feels more in touch with herself. Paula is a mother, a wife and a professional.

The pride she feels upon looking back on her journey makes her confident that a stable life is not synonymous with a happy life. Paula knows that her most fruitious lessons come from challenging situations, such as this last year when she had to do her best to reach an adequate balance between her family life, her professional life and the MBA.

Self-discovery has been a constant component of this process. Today, Paula sees herself as someone who values human relationships and knows how to motivate those who work with her. She loves to solve problems and prides herself on having a very structured and organised reasoning. She finds fulfilment in finding solutions in adverse situations and going that extra mile to achieve ambitious goals.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese,English

Main skills

Project Management

Feasibility Studies

Goal oriented



BIM Implementation

Digital Transformation at EDP

Produção (EMBA Project)

Hydropower Project of Ribeiradio-Ermida

Future Professional Interests

Project Management

Digital Transformation

Strategic Planning

Career Goals

Rising responsibility in the business' strategic planning, learning from each challenge ahead, while seeking the work-life balance of a complete professional.

Likes & Curiosities


Travel and experiencing new cultures (31 countries and couting)

Latin dances

“There is nothing permanent except change.”


Executive MBA
Joins the Feasibility Studies Area of EDP Produção
Became a mother
Post graduation in Business Administration / Construction Sector
Energizing Development Program - Development School of Directives of EDP University
Joins EDP Group
Project manager for the Hydropower Project of Ribeiradio-Ermida
Degree in Civil Engineering
Summer volunteer missions in Mozambique
Decision Making
Analytical thinking

Top 5

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