Nuno Ramalho

Bringing the work ethics of sports into the office.

Nuno’s foundations started at an early stage. For most of his life, Nuno has been a competitive sportsman. He played Judo until he was 21 and at a point, was even a national champion. The rigorous training, work ethics and sport philosophy taught him a great deal of skills which he now uses in his workplace. It also fostered a competitive spirit that makes him want to do better and better.

Work started early too, with Nuno combining university attendance with different jobs. Nuno believes this experience has allowed him to abide to schedules, to be thorough and to learn how to deal with people.

We can say that Nuno pursued Information Technologies applied to Management area out of love. He got into it to follow his then-girlfriend, and now-wife, to a specific university. An excellent decision, both professionally and personally.
Nuno is happy to say that he has now made the transition from his Information Technologies background to the business side. He hopes that the Executive MBA will take him to the next level. In between, sports are still his passion and there is nothing more important in the world to him than his daughters.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish

Main skills

People management



Supply chains


Tech and Systems


New product/service for pharmaceutical logistics at Rangel, after 5 years it became the market leader.

Future Professional Interests

Top Management in Logistics

Supply Chain




Career Goals

Nuno wants to develop his soft skills in order to take on global and top management opportunities. He would like to be part of an environment that excites and fulfills him. Nuno is also looking for more and more responsibilities and challenges in his current workplace. One day and under the right circumstances, Nuno hopes to get the chance to become a CEO.

Likes & Curiosities

Sports. Nuno was once a Judo national champion.

He also enjoys tech and gadgets, travelling, cars, pets and fashion.

“First who, then what.”

Jim Collins

Trip to Cape Town
Lived one year in Angola with his family
The Nomination for the Executive Committee of Contidis
Promotion to General Director at Rangel
Birth of his second daughter
Birth of his first daughter
Winning the national championship of Judo

Top 5

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