Nuno Luz

From the pains of growing will emerge the best leaders.

This Industrial Chemicals Engineer prides himself of being a good listener. A skill that has helped him build a team from scratch when a colleague asked him to grow a production unit.
Nuno took the challenge and was highly involved in the process that led the organisation from a small-medium company to a large, well established one. At times, it was difficult, Nuno won’t deny it, but it was also incredibly rewarding to be a part of this process.

One thing that surely helped him get by was his love of music. Nuno enjoys going to concerts and playing, even owning several types of equipment. Once he is done with his MBA, he would like to learn how to play the sax.
Both in people as in business, Nuno believes there is nothing more important than honesty and he strives to be recognized as such. Together with a humble attitude, hard work and dedication, Nuno is making himself into a leader.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English , French

Main skills

Management, process engineering, industrial organisation and optimization, dedicated, hardworking, honest, direct, good listener, disciplined.


Process engineer for lenses anti reflex and anti-scratch system

Part of the early production team at new optical and lenses Israeli company

Plant Manager at same Israeli company

Photography course

Future Professional Interests



Career Goals

Nuno wishes to develop and improve his performance as plant manager, actively contributing to the growth of the company. He wants to consolidate and grow his personal brand and achieve recognition within the group. At another stage, eventually starting his own company.

Likes & Curiosities

Music, going to concerts. He is planning to learn the sax, after completing the Executive MBA. Cooking, travelling, modern history, space, martial arts.

“Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.”

Henry Russell Sanders

Plant Manager at Shamir Optical
Shamir Optical
Sola Optical (current Carl Zeiss Vision)
First job in Águas S. Silvetre
Finish my degree in Chemical engineering

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