Naveen Kakarla

Curiosity did not kill this cat.

Naveen is an Electronics Engineer from Bangalore, India. He wanted to be an Engineer since childhood. In fact, one of the hardest moments in life was when he challenged his parents to study Engineering instead of Medicine. Happy to study the subject of his dreams, Naveen had great academic success. Detail oriented and analytical, in his free time Naveen loves to do some tinkering with electronic just for fun. Not understanding something fuels triggers his motivation. Microelectronics has been his work experience so far, but Naveen has interest in Energy Efficiency, also for Naveen climbing mountains in the Himalayas is a hobby but understanding the meaning of life is a wish. Maybe that is why he would like to be remembered for having discovered something new that changed a scientific paradigm.

Nationality Indian
Languages English, Kannada, Hindi

Main skills

Analytical ability

Quick learner

Good technical skills


Innovative mindset


UAV - Designed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a competition in Georgia

Design - Patentable design to reduce power consumption in mobile processor building blocks

Future Professional Interests

Product Development

Financial Analysis

General Management

Career Goals

To be a leading technologist who comes up with creative and viable solutions to problems faced by organisations in order for them to achieve a competitive business edge.

Likes & Curiosities

Mountain climbing

Indian classical music

Origami modelling



“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Jiddu Krishnamurthy

Joined The Magellan MBA
Tech lead for design platform
First time trekking in the Himalayas
Joined Intel as design engineer
Awarded best design in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition, Georgia
Ranked 22nd state-wide in Engineering Entrance Exam
Analytical ability
Quick learner
Good technical skills
Innovative mindset

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