Miguel Silva

Just believe to make it happen

He had 240 stores and 4000 employees under his responsibility as Director of Operations for Portugal, with a multinational benchmark retail company. However, to Miguel, there is always room for new challenges and, if he could have one wish today, it would be to find a new experience that turns everything he's looking for into a single profession.

During the MBA, his passion for cars spoke louder, and Miguel decided to start his own business in the electric mobility sector, which, though this is a project all his own and which he has learned so much from, this is still not the professional challenge that is suited to him.

Now more than ever, Miguel is ready for a greater challenge and, if it's up to him, just believe to make it happen, regardless of the difficulties that could crop up along the way.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages portuguese, english, german

Main skills

Retail operations

Executive-Teams Leadership 


Develop his company 

Eventually start other businesses 

After the MBA he is looking for a challenge where all his strengths can be applied 

Future Professional Interests


General Management 

Career Goals

Miguel has two main goals: he is looking forward to find a new job, where not only he can use his expertise but where he also has the opportunity to keep learning. The other goal Miguel has is to keep supporting the growth of small businesses.

Likes & Curiosities


Classic sports-cars 

Electric mobility 

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Theodore Roosevelt

After the MBA at Porto Business School, he's embracing a new challenge.
He become a company Business Partner
2003 - 2006
His two kids were born
He found his wife
Starting to work with Lidl
Engagement skills
Analytical capacities
Problem solving

Top 5

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