Marcelle Campos

The young transatlantic finding strength in communication.

Marcelle was among the youngest participants in the MBA programme. However, this fact never scared her.
Having moved all the way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris to complete her studies, Marcelle is used to adapt to new environments and processes. Marcelle has a double degree from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, in Electronics and Computation Engineering, and from the École Centrale de Paris, in General Engineering, which means she has lived for two years in Paris, a city she recommends to anyone who asks.

With her path she could firmly tie her vast technical and general engineering backgrounds, but Marcelle has also an artistic side. And it is the merge of both interests in her approach to life and work that makes her a creative and resourceful young woman.

Ambitious, Marcelle aims to continuously grow professionally. Before joining The Magellan MBA she was at Procter and Gamble, where she worked with global brands such as Pantene or Head&Shoulders. The possibility of acquiring more responsibilities drives her, always trying to do a better job and really owning her projects and brands.

Nationality Portuguese, Brazilian
Languages Portuguese, English, French, Italian

Main skills

Communication and languages (fluent in PT, EN and FR)



Dedicated with great sense of ownership

Quick learner

Detail oriented


Software development in a partnership between the University and a French company

Platform for Detection of Behaviour and Management of Financial Assets from the Stock Market Based on Technical Indicators developed as a graduation final project

Interim packing process of semi-finished products at Procter and Gamble

Future Professional Interests

Working on a multinational company

Remaining in the European marketplace, possibly in a French speaking country

Becoming an executive

Career Goals

Marcelle wishes to continue her career in Europe and rise through the levels at large multinational companies. Ultimately, she would like to become an executive and take on increasingly larger responsibilities.

Likes & Curiosities

Fluent in 3 languages, and proficient in another 2


Going out

Painting and drawing


“Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.”

Graduated from the École Centrale Paris and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Got Admitted at the École Centrale Paris for a Bachelor/Master in Engineering, in Paris
Got Admitted at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for a Bachelor in Electronics and Computing Engineering, in Rio de Janeiro
Team player

Top 5

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