Luís Moreira da Silva

From Porto with pride, Luís wants to climb high in his career. Professionalism and flexibility are his key drivers.

This civil engineer can not hide his love for the city of Porto. Although work has taken Luís to Angola and Algeria, his return to the northern city of Portugal was important to rethink his career and start a family.

This MBA programme is not only an opportunity to acquire new competences and be up-to-date, but also a booster for his personal development. Now, he strongly believes that he is flexible enough to take increasingly challenging projects in different economic sectors. It is this will to improve and to go further that drives Luís, and so far it has paid off.

His experience allows him to adapt easily to new environments and challenges and he is very motivated to join ambitious organisations.
However, it is not only his career that ultimately fulfils Luís, but also his family. He believes his son is a major achievement in his life and he hopes to continue to grow a healthy, happy family.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills

Project management

Operations management

Production management



Fast learner


Marine Operations Support Dock, for Angola LNG plant in Soyo, Angola

Foundations for the Military Naval Base in Mers El Kebir in Oran, Algeria

Underwater foundations reinforcement in Crestuma dam, for EDP, Porto

Tunnel reinforcement in Oporto Airport, for ANA (Vinci Group)

Foundations reinforcement in Valença bridge, for IP (former REFER)

Bridges reinforcement at national road IP3, Coimbra-Viseu, for IP (former EP)

Future Professional Interests

Operations management in transports and logistics industry

Operations management in retail

Project Management in manufacturing industry

Career Goals

Luis wants a new challenge in operations management. He is a highly-dedicated, resilient and results oriented professional, who wants to engage in a multi-national organization which values effort, achievements, and professionalism. Middle management positions are in his short-term plans. In the middle to long-term, Luis wants to work within the organization strategy and top corporate decisions. Transportation and logistics companies who operate globally are at his top preferences. His future employer will find on him the motivation, drive for constant improvement, and full commitment, in order to develop the business, improve processes and engage people.

Likes & Curiosities






Corporate finance



Family tours and meals

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

The Magellan MBA
Birth of his first son
Project accomplished in Angola LNG, Oil&Gas facility
Travel alone to Iguazu
Degree in Civil Engineer
Family moved to Venezuela
Willingness to learn
Critical thinking
Emotional intelligent

Top 5

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