Kshitij Khode

An entrepreneurial mind from the west coast of India to the west coast of Europe.

For Kshitij, pursuing his studies has meant living in three continents. Starting in his home country - India - a prestigious programme took him to Texas and the University of Dallas for a second degree in Computer engineering. From there, it was a small step to Austin, the bubbling hipster city known for its startup scene. Kshitij fitted right in with the startup world, having an entrepreneurial personality of his own.

His plan was going to Carnegie Mellon University, in the state of Washington, to enroll in a Masters in Science. A small delay in admission brought him to Porto, taking advantage on the partnership of Carnegie Mellon with Porto Business School to get his MBA first.

All these experiences and skills will come in handy once Kshitij starts his own business, as he plans to. Not only are we talking about technical skills, but also his knowledge of different cultures and projects. Kshitij describes himself as very empathic and aware of people’s needs, traits that make him poised to be a good leader but also to stay in tune with new business opportunities.

Kshitij enjoys a good social scene and nightlife, but he also has volunteered often throughout his life at dog shelters. He’s also someone who believes it’s important to keep in touch with his roots, and struggles to become the best person he can be.
At the end of this MBA, Kshitij expects to return to the US and he will take with him all that he has experienced and learned while living here, in Porto.

Nationality Indian
Languages Hindi, English, Gujarati

Main skills







Took part at an exclusive mentorship programme back home

Worked for a company manufacturing iPhone audio components

Worked for a wireless technology startup in Austin

Future Professional Interests

Kshitij will continue to pursue his studies with a Masters in Science at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. He would then like to found his own company, probably in the tech industry.

Career Goals

Create his own start-up

Grow his business

Likes & Curiosities

Volunteering at dog shelters

Play guitar




“Be the change you want to see in others.”

Admitted in the Computer Engineering programme, in CMU
Worked in M87, Inc (Communication Technology Startup)
Graduated Magna Cum Laude at UT Dallas (B.S in Computer Engineering)
Interned at IIT-B under KVPY programme
Volunteered to provide sports and education in Slums (9th grade)
Financial Acumen
Business Intelligence
Machine Learning
Team Management

Top 5

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