José Rui Peixoto

When creativity meets science.

José Rui has a Pharmaceutical Sciences degree from Coimbra University, where he learned more than molecules, friendship, loyalty and politics. After graduating he performed several roles in the Pharma Industry, as Quality, Purchasing, Regulatory Affairs and Market Access Manager. José Rui is a knowledge seeker so he did an Executive Master in Marketing Management. Business oriented, his final year project - the Magium Farma - made it to implementation phase and was successfully launched. As General Manager, José Rui placed Magium Farma as a leading multi-platform promotional service in Portugal, which bridges multinational labs and 90% of the Portuguese pharmacies, starting from zero in 2011 to more than 17 Million € in 2016.

José Rui Peixoto love’s Vila do Conde, his friends and his family. And when presenting himself, only after this happy and concise presentation does he talk about his professional life.

As a creative Leader, José Rui can find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.
Optimistic and dedicated, he dreams about running a marathon and backpack travelling with his family. Sunglasses and newspapers are his two must-have.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, Castilian

Main skills

Science oriented, economy lover, communication, self-motivated, competitive, thinker, doer and creative. As a leader, a team worker and motivator, but also enjoy working independently and with some creative freedom.


To exceed 23M€ Magium Turnover in 2017

Mentoring young professionals in the Pharma Industry

Launch a new professional project

Family fourth element

Running a Marathon

Future Professional Interests

General Management


Business Development

Career Goals

It is not a position, but a state of mind. To feel realized and motivated, learning and growing every day. Owning a bookstore or leading a pharmaceutical industry. Being Happy and fulfilled.

Likes & Curiosities

Likes & Curiosities

Sports in General, but Benfica and Rio Ave in particular

Backpack travel with entire family



“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”

Lewis Carroll

Maria Leonor was born
Executive MBA at Porto Business School
Magium Farma Launch as General Manager
Regulatory Affairs and Market Access Manager at Jaba Recordati
Purchasing Officer at Jaba Recordati
Quality Officer at Fresenius Kabi
Vice-President Assembleia Magna da Associação Académica de Coimbra
Science background
Love for Economics
Doer Creativity

Top 5

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