Jorge Silva

A career of growth in a multinational environment.

Jorge is a focused strategist marketer who worked his way up. Starting in sales at the age of 20 has helped him developing his analytical and commercial skills in the real field. His deep knowledge about technology and product gave him the competitive advantage to be the best sales performer.

For the last 22 years Jorge has been in a multinational company, where he has evolved over the years – from sales executive, to product manager and then to become marketing director. For the last 10 years, Jorge has been CMO – Chief Marketing Officer and in the last 4 years he is accumulating this role with the Indirect Channels Sales Director position.

On top of his strategic and operational experience, in 2016, Jorge concluded the degree in Marketing Management, where he met his daughter, who was attending the same university - she was in the 1st grad in Marketing Management when he was concluding, so sharing notes and teachers became routine. The Executive MBA programme was part II of his plan to develop soft and hard skills which will prepare him for the next level in management.

Involved and team player, Jorge’s talent is the ability to think forward and include the team in the process to achieve common goals. For him, a perfect working day ends with a good golf match to disconnect.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish

Main skills

Strategic & Analytical thinking

Sales & Marketing experience

Business Development mind-set

Teamwork enthusiastic


On top of running the core business in a major player of his sector, in the last 3 years he was responsible for launching two new business lines: Production Printing with main focus in the graphic arts market & IT Services to create new value by expanding business in existing and new customers.

In his indirect sales management role he has created partner programs to expand closer relationships with dealers (B2B) and final customers (B2C).

Future Professional Interests

Top Level Management (CEO & COO)

Career Goals

His personal goal is to continue a successful career in management. With experience based in Sales & Marketing and now with additional education and knowledge, his ambition is to grow into the next level of top management positions - CEO & COO.

Likes & Curiosities



Technology and enterprise process

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

Wayne Gretzky

Executive MBA
Degree in Marketing Management
Birth of his daughter
Started a career in Marketing
Started a success in sales
Strategic thinking

Top 5

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