Joana Santos

Do well and do good.

Joana is an entrepreneur with a quite interesting path. When she was an Architecture student she dropped out to found her own company - MadScience Porto, which provided science related fun workshops for children when nobody was doing it yet, at the time. Joana got a degree in Education and moved to East Timor to teach other teachers. Community service oriented, she started a book donation campaign. She gathered 12 thousand books and created a library with the help of individual donations and from a Portuguese publisher. Joana returned to Lisbon and got training of her interest - School Libraries, Project Management and Digital Account. For the past 4 years, Joana works at NGO ‘SOS Racismo’, providing ICT training for economically challenged youth. But her biggest accomplishment is ‘MICAR - Mostra Internacional de Cinema Anti-Racista’ - International Anti-Racist film exhibit at Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli.

Committed to others Joana wishes to have a bigger impact and work at a larger scale with the skills and competencies developed during the Executive MBA. As a child Joana wished to have a street with her name - that would mean she had an impact on society. Joana is motivated by working with socially responsible business practices. She always carries a book with her and reading is more than a hobby, it is a daily routine. Above all, Joana is a dedicated professional who dares to dream and make it happen.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills



Leader profile

Critical thinker

The ability to change




Promoting a book project in East Timor - distribution 12.000 books in several parts of the country including the creation of a Library in Maubara location

Being part the NGO SOS RACISMO that puts in place MICAR - Mostra Internacional de Cinema Anti-Racista in Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli

Co-coordination of RadioActive101. An innovative educational intervention that uses primarily internet radio and social media to promote inclusion, informal learning and active citizenship

Currently attending FastStart Porto 2017 where she is developing an innovative business model for a Digital Marketing startup

Future Professional Interests

People learning and development

Project management


Career Goals

Being part of a larger organisation (non-profit or not) with larger impact.

Likes & Curiosities




“The story of your life is not your life. It is your story.”

John Barth

Jumped into an MBA and changed her life
Provided ICT training for economically challenged youth from the historic centre of Porto
Became an Open Water Diver, in Malaysia
Taught and lived in East Timor
Got her degree in Education
Taught and lived in East Timor
Founding of her own company: MadScience Porto
Critical thinking
Ability to change

Top 5

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