Ilídio Barata

The future depends on the actions of the present

Born in Portugal's Beiras region, he has adopted the North of the country as his own, while carrying his birthplace in his heart. On a journey that has taken him on many trips, it was in Macau, where he lived for a year and a half, that his heart was won over by the challenge and meeting of cultures; however, it was in his own country where his compass enables him to set his eyes on the world.

Ilídio knows that, in his view, the worst thing involves living with the weight of not having dared to be different. That's why he chooses to live a life filled with gratifying experiences.

He acknowledges that the desire to make things happen cuts across every field in his life, and so he asserts himself as a veritable “bridge builder” among people. The thing is, he derives no greater satisfaction than to monitor the creation of new projects, relations and experiences.

His professional career comprises a wealth of challenges and, wherever he has been, Ilídio has been distinguished. His career, which began near Aveiro, has been on the rise. This applies to both the positions which he has been appointed to and to the extent of his challenges. Ilídio always seeks to be the present-day sculptor of his future challenges.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish

Main skills

Environmental market knowledge




Decision-making ability

Strategic vision


Build a happy family

Project Management of several water and wastewater treatment plants Manage an international contract in Macau, including the build-up of a new company (JV)

Volunteer work to improve children's environmental education.

Future Professional Interests



Digital economy

Becoming a top manager to make things happen

Lead new projects on Environmental new businesses & technologies

Work on Environmental trends and opportunities

Career Goals

To always improve. To be able to do my best and lead the others to give their best too.
To know how to manage and balance wisely work and personal life.
It is not about what but mostly about how and how does it feel. To feel challenged and happy along the way!

Likes & Curiosities

Travelling & reading

Listen to music

Asian food

Be with friends & family 


“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.”

General Manager @ Water Utility Company
Executive MBA
Become father
International Contract Manager - Macau
International Commercial Director at Water engineering company
Environmental Department’s Director at Environmental engineering company
Degree in Environmental Engineer

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