Harsha Bhatia

Do all you can and you will do anything.

Harsha is an Engineer from Bangalore with a can-do attitude which is manifested in all the areas of her life. Harsha graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering and worked for Microsoft as a Technical Support Engineer, Enterprise Communication Systems, post her Bachelors. Sometimes even 7 days a week, but found it fun to learn while working. And her efforts were noticed with several performance awards and a remarkable project presentation in the Microsoft Hackathon 2015.

Harsha likes to take as much as she can from all opportunities, so she is always involved in as many projects and activities as possible. If she could ask a wish to genie of the lamp it would be the ability to function without the requirement of sleep. After the MBA she will head to the USA for her Masters in Engineering.

Eager to live, do and learn more, Harsha feels the best is yet to come. For someone who is a good presenter with strong analytical thinking and a problem-solver attitude this is certainly on the horizon. Harsha is also a caring person who is often looked for counselling and motivation from her co-workers. She always finds time for long walks, reading and solving puzzles.

Nationality Indian
Languages English, Hindi, Kannada

Main skills

Good Presenter

Strong Analytical Thinking


Team Player


Participated in Microsoft Hackathon 2015 and developed a working prototype to automate the creation of support ticket and perform initial level troubleshooting. The project received the most popular award at India level.

Created a standalone system that uses Augmented Reality to help improve the learning experience for students in a classroom for B. E. Final Year Project. The project was selected to be presented at the JED-I Challenge 2013.

Designed a system based on the principles of SSVEP to extract PIN from the brain to eliminate the threat of ATM password theft. Project submitted in TI-ADC 2013, selected as a paper, published in IEEE explore, presented in TI-Educator’s Conference, April 4-5 2013, Bangalore.

Future Professional Interests

Business Analytics

Product Management

Career Goals

Harsha wants to leverage her strong technical background and the skills acquired through the MBA experience to pursue a career in the field of tech-management or business analytics. A product manager or programme manager position in a technology company is her goal in the short-term. In the medium term, she aspires to be the CTO of a leading technology innovation firm.

Likes & Curiosities

Cooking, taking long walks, reading, swimming, solving puzzles, sudoku, and cycling. Curious about the historical origin of religion and political views.

“Whatever happens, happens for the best.”

Moved to Porto, after quitting her job to pursue her passion
Failed to get the position Harsha wanted and understood that she needed to better equip her skills
First travel abroad
Met the CEO of her company, Satya Nadella - the interaction taught Harsha the importance of having a vision, his simplicity and passion inspired her
Started her first job and learnt the value of money
Awarded Gold medal for the best outgoing girl student. It was her first accomplishment and she then understood that hard work always pays off
Adaptable to any situation
Good communicator
Strong in mathematics
Deterministic and strong will power

Top 5

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