Hanna Gärtner

The way is forward.

Hanna has built a career on the challenging area of Architecture. She is a realistic and pragmatic architect to whom “done is better than perfect”. With a diversified working experience, Hanna had the chance to work as a project manager in infrastructure, residential and retail, throughout the project life-cycle, from concept making to execution and licensing. She was in contact with different types of organisations and working environments, from small architectural to large civil engineering firms, from private to public customers and industrial organisations. Throughout the years, she realized that the combination of managerial and creativity skills could make the difference in creative industries.

Once her father decided to establish a business, she took a stance leading the renovation of an old-building in down town to make a guest-house and a small grocery. Not happy with it, she was heavily involved in day-to-day management, from bookings to suppliers, from employees to customers. In the end, the family successfully sold the business, but a passion for business remained with Hanna.

Hanna is willing to make a shift in her career into areas and industries where creative but structured and result-oriented thinking can actually make it stand out.

A positive and empathic person Hanna believes impossible does not exist when one dreams to make it real. Nevertheless, she is not an individualist, and success is to be shared. One of her hobbies used to be acting in an amateur group theatre. Motivated by the support of her loved ones, Hanna is proud to belong to a family which has survived several wars and always managed to move forward.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, Italian

Main skills

Project management

Team management

3D rendering (Revitt/ Lumion/ Sketchup)

Party planning


Linha22 Guesthouse & Grocery in Porto downtown

Toq - Ultimate Supermarket Ordering Device

Os Legumes do Vizinho - the Urban Agriculture Platform

Future Professional Interests

Visual merchandising

Retail marketing

Supply chain management

Career Goals

To be part of a challenging job atmosphere a setting in where she can make the difference by building on creative and result-oriented thinking.

Likes & Curiosities

Her grandparents were jewish and lived in Germany. They escaped World War II - her grandfather went to Spain and her grandmother to England. They met in Angola, from where they were forced to leave and move to Portugal in 1974 along with her parents. In turn, her parents later emmigrated to South Africa where Hanna was born and finally the family came back to Portugal.

Creativity, good talks, swimming, acting and the sun.

“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”

Bruce Feirstein

First child on his way
Take the MBA
First serious architecture project and public recognition
First actress role
The shift from South Africa to Portugal
Born in South Africa

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