Duarte Vaz Lourenço

Dreams were made to come true

From early on, he dreamt of a career in the field of Information Technologies. Whether or not he would succeed, he let the future decide. And that's what happened: after years of determination, today Duarte is a well-known professional valued in his occupational area.

He lives with his family in Ponte de Lima, where he was raised. However, this was not always the case. After completing his studies, Duarte established himself in Lisbon, where he spent quite a few years enhancing his career. While pursuing his MBA, when he was allowed to choose where to set up his company, Duarte chose to do so in Viana do Castelo, close to home.

He is assertive, fair and loves to plan his life to the nearest second. Duarte feels he is also under obligation, as head of Atlanse Portugal, to do more for society, and so he cares about making sure that, in due time, he leaves an overall contribution with a positive impact on the Minho region. For him, his goals are but a dream away.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, French,Spanish

Main skills

Management and Business Development, International Markets, Leadership, Software Development & Computer Science


Head of IP Contact Center Dashboard product development, distinguished by Cisco Innovation Incentive Program (2008)

Head of TMS software development SaaS product for real time monitor of distributed IT systems and applications (2010)

Nearshore Business Unit creation to provide remote ICT services to European markets (2015)

Future Professional Interests

Disruptive Products and Services


International Business

Strategic Planning

Career Goals

Launch new business models, generating sustainable value and contribute toward improving society as a whole. Develop his entrepreneurial and leadership skills through the knowledge path and work with passionate people.

Likes & Curiosities


Economy & Global Markets



“I could either watch it happen or be part of it.”

Elon Musk

Co-founder and CEO of Software Tech Startup - ATLANSE Portugal
Executive MBA - Porto Business School
Advanced Management Program - Nova School of Business and Economics
Marry with an amazing woman and being father
1st Management position
System and Computer Science Graduation - Minho University

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