Diogo Tavares

On the pathway to success

Diogo is methodical and outlines every step that he needs to take in order to be successful. This way, Diogo knows he'll never lose his way. He's an Electrotechnical Engineer, partly influenced by his father, and he has forged a career at EDP over the last decade.

Idyllically, his final professional destination would comprise a Management position, within the fields of Engineering or Energy. Today, he feels a sense of fulfilment, as his professional duties fit into the occupational field he enjoys most. Having completed his MBA, Diogo became head of the department of Investments and LV Scheduled Maintenance, in the Area of the Maia Grid and Customers, at "EDP Distribuição."

Doing good for himself and for others motivates him, as he shows an enormous willingness to change people's lives and to make things positive in the world that drives him.

He enjoys cinema, travelling and is an unconditional supporter of our country. He derives happiness in seeing others happy. Diogo acts with a purpose, as he aspires to one day become a recognised and inspiring leader.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese,English

Main skills


Love for learning



Continue the development of technical and interpersonal competencies; bring personal projects to life – entrepreneurship.

Future Professional Interests

Evolution toward management positions and business administration.

Career Goals

See his career culminate in a position as CEO of a large company.

Likes & Curiosities

Technology and innovation are hobbies, especially in the field of automotive engineering.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more have of it.”

Thomas Jefferson

Job promotion to Operations Manager in EDP Distribuição
Executive MBA
Master's degree dissertation in CIRED 20117, in Frankfurt, Germany, Supported by EDP (subject: Technical Solutions for Electric Vehicle Integration)
Concluded the Integrated Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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