David Azevedo

Life is an experiment.

David always had an analytical mindset. Starting with a degree in accounting, he soon realized that it was not enough. It came natural to him the master in auditing to help him to better understand the essence of the financial information. As a junior with just 2 years in Sonae, he saw an opportunity to create his own team, and did not hesitate to share his vision of the department despite the short experience in the company. As time goes by, the team keeps growing, creating new ways to add value across the organization. The team´s major responsibilities are to improve business processes using a consulting approach and to explore metrics and share insights about financial information leveraging the ability of managers to make decisions. He strives to be close to every client, turning them into business partners.

One of his biggest professional accomplishments is to be recognized by his team and his pears as someone who has knowledge to share but most of all, as someone who is always available to share it. As a result, he has already developed young team leaders. After 8 years in Sonae with an increasing responsibility, he is proud of his path in the company. His biggest life achievement is to have found his wife, someone who motivates him to better himself each day, personally and professionally. No wonder he would like to be remembered as a person who was good to everyone and lived a happy life.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills






Publishing and article in Internal Audit magazine (Portuguese internal audit institute)

Lecturing a seminar at ISCAP about SONAE´s supply chain

Lecturing a seminar at FCUP about the application of mathematics in corporate environment

Future Professional Interests

PCG (planning and management control)



Innovation management

Career Goals

Leading one of the big companies in Portugal.
Create a disruptive business model concept and implement it.

Likes & Curiosities

Sports – he used to play handball, volleyball, basketball and soccer. He seeks inspiration in music and his key to be 100% focus is to begin every day at the gym.

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”

Vernon Howard

Started the Executive MBA @Porto Business School
Growth and development of his team to include Analytics
Got married
Team leader @Sonae, for internal control, report and process improvement
Master in Auditing by ISCAP
Financial Analyst @Sonae
Graduated in Accountancy and Administration @ISCAP

Top 5

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