André Sequeira

From Porto to the world with talent and vision.

André is a leader that never forgot how to be a team person. His easygoing character and result oriented mindset helped him build an interesting path. He has made a rising career in Finances across construction, public transports and the residues sectors. Having worked in Angola, Poland, Slovakia and Portugal, André is able to adapt his team management skills to different multicultural environments.

Mindful of his work impact in the life quality of people and cities, André appreciates the results of his work in the small details.
Aware of his established reputation as a trustworthy asset, he would like to be recognized by who he is and not only what he has achieved. Compromised with his work and team, he translates a can-do attitude into did-do. In his little spare time he enjoys playing with his son and spending time with his family. If he could ask three wishes he would ask for happiness, health for him and his family and more time together. Compromise is an important quality, maybe that is why Braveheart is his favourite movie.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, French, English

Main skills

Team player

Ability to work under pressure


Analytical thinking

Result oriented


Volunteer work as an investment for his community and for the people who live in it.

Future Professional Interests



Corporate Planning and Management Control

Risk Management

Commercial Department

Career Goals

He is seeking to complete his MBA and improve his technical skills as he will be prepared to take on expanded roles and responsibilities in his future.

Likes & Curiosities

His hometown Porto


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston S. Churchill

The birth of his son
Top Management Experience
Got married
First work experience abroad
First job
Ability to Work Under Pressurer
Analytical Thinking

Top 5

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