Ana Luísa São-Marcos

A job well done is what everyone who has worked with Ana is used to.

Maybe being responsible is not considered to be such an attractive quality these days, but when results constantly excel expectations, responsibility turns out to be quite something.

Ana has a background in education which matches her analytic mind - Applied Math and Computation. While at college some waited to go abroad for Erasmus, Ana waited to complete her education and go abroad to work. Fluent in English and French, she finished college and explored the international public sector. First, at a European Union internship at Eurostat in Luxembourg which resulted in a future invitation to come back as a collaborator. And after, in Paris, as a data manager in the OCDE International Energy Agency. But it was the private sector that made her want to learn more about Management.

Ana is proud to be an IT Planning Manager at Sonae where she has evolved in her career. She is recognized by her talent to accomplish and deliver, but also to motivate her team. Whenever she is not busy being responsible, Ana likes to take planning home and structure her next family journey vacation. Detail oriented, it is no wonder that she also runs her own cooking and recipes blog. The good thing about responsibility is that it is transversal.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

Main skills



Analytic thinking

Structured problem solving


Enhance Employee Benefits at Sonae

Training program as Instructor to West Africa and Caucasus countries in Energy statistics at IEA

Volunteer as a teacher for Students (University of Aveiro and Junior Achievement Portugal)

Volunteer at Foodbank in Braga and Hospital in Braga

Cooking blog

Future Professional Interests



Business Development


Career Goals

Being recognized as an inspiring team leader who can make things happen.

Likes & Curiosities

Loves to travel and eat food from the world (30 countries) and photography.

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”


Delivery Manager at Sonae
Executive MBA at PBS
Project manager at Sonae
Energy Data Manager at IEA/OECD
Data Quality Manager at Eurostat (Luxembourg)
Internship at Eurostat (Luxembourg)
Graduated in Applied Maths
Structured problem solving

Top 5

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