Álvaro Nunes

Nothing overcomes the school of life.

Álvaro always was an inquisitive person, intellectually curious and eager for knowledge, so he made it to college without problems. In the 9th grade he fantasized about being like Einstein, Physics was his passion. But while in college, in Sciences, he struggled with a too theoretical teaching. After all, researching and asking questions should have a more practical and creative approach. He took a leap of faith and at the age of 23 dropped out of college to take over an acrylic industry & trade company. He saved an almost bankrupted company, not only doubling the company profits but also expanding the company operation field. Alvaro is a natural born entrepreneur who likes to overcome challenges with planning, perseverance, and a large dose of humour. Competence and emotional maturity are his favourite traits in a co-worker. No wonder his hobbies are CrossFit and marathon running. Resistance and endurance are after all physical matches for perseverance and resilience.

Nationality Portuguese
Languages Portuguese, English

Main skills



Ability to predict future scenarios

Ease under pressure


Product design

Brand activation

Business consultancy

Future Professional Interests

Create a digital platform to join artists that work with acrylics

Private equity

Business strategy consultancy

Career Goals

To develop my skills as an entrepeneur and CEO. To expand my interests through the aquisition of new companies or as a Business Strategy consultant. To explore new ventures in the fields of creativity and art.

Likes & Curiosities





“It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out, It's the pebble in your shoe.”

Muhammad Ali

College drop-out
Mother's disease
Birth of my brother
First day in primary school
Work capacity
Thirst for knowledge
Quick learner

Top 5

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